A (Mostly Accurate?) List of Sherlock Fansongs

I’m an avid collector of fansongs from all kinds of fandoms, and I’ve found that the longer Sherlock is on hiatus, the more great musical creations emerge! Here’s a pretty accurate (correct me if I’ve missed any) list of the ones that are currently out there for download/listening. Be sure to give the artists some love!

Sherlock 2011 EFFECTRO MashUp by Spencer & Hill (a dance version of Sherlock’s theme. Listen and DL from Soundcloud.)

a Case! by Rosivan (A broadway musical-style vocal-only song. Right-click to DL at audioboo.fm)

Purple Shirt (God Save Me) by Kaitlyn (Acoustic song about the Purple Sex Shirt. You Tube.)

I Wanna Live At 221b by A Sherlock Fan (Rock song. You Tube.)

Songs by Echolalia aka Mariel aka Bitchtastica:

Dear Jim

John’s Friday Night (Parody of Katy Perry. Youtube and Download link.)

Tik Tock, Martin’s Cock (Parody of Ke$ha. Listen only.)

Sherlock’s Lullaby-White CeilingĀ  (Listen and download.)

Three Patch Problem (You Tube)

Songs by Samantha H.

The Ghosts of Baker Street (Soundcloud)

Molly Hooper, Don’t You Know? (Soundcloud)

Remember Them Always (Sad song that accompanies the fic “Alone on the Water”. Soundcloud.)

Songs by Whooligan-Jam:

Clever (You Tube)

Deduction (You Tube)

My Heart (You Tube)

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